Philmont 2015

The Troop is forming a crew to go to Philmont in the summer or 2015. From July 22 – Aug 3 2015 will be at camp, plus travel time either side of those dates.

In order to participate, a scout must be either 14 or 13 and out of the 8th grade.

Limited number of spaces. Need to pay deposit by of $100. Total cost for time at camp is $855, plus travel. Once the crew is decided, they will do various fundraising activities to help pay for the trip.

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Alameda Creek Overnight and Bike Trip

Alameda Creek overnight and bike trip. All of the scouts attending the trip went on 20 mile ride up Alameda Creek and back.  After that they set up camp. Then a smaller group went on a hilly 5 mile loop along the cost of the bay. Overnight it got below freezing and there was a layer of frost on everything. (Report by Troop 24 scout Jordan)

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Golden Gate Hike to the Headlands

We hiked across the Golden Gate Bridge northward in the clearing fog. Under a glorious blue sky we hiked a loop in the Marin Headlands and lunched in the company of several (wonderful|smelly) horses.

You can see details of our route courtesy of Stephen’s Garmin. We hiked 11.84 miles with 1800ft elevation gain. Several scouts carried full backpacks as training for the 50 miler and got a curious question from a man on the bridge who was surprised that we were only from Berkeley!

As we walked back across the bridge we passed many people dressed in white and sporting the Venezuala flag. They had formed a human chain across the bridge, one of many nationwide demonstrations against the actions of the Venezualan government.

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New T-Shirts and Hoodies

The new logo created by Seiya is now available on the new Troop T-shirt.

For the first time, we are also offering synthetic t-shirts and cotton hoodies. These have to be ordered by Feb 11th, 2014.

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Gold Award

The Troop is awarded the Gold Journey To Excellence Award for 2013

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Holiday Wreaths 2013 are now available.

Contact the Scout Master and we’ll have one delivered to you. Cost $25.

Purchasing a wreath also supports our Troop activities. Read more.

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